For a decade, Kimono Ken's Japanese dishes continue to entice and enthrall the Filipino appetite. Its quintessence states: "Enticingly Japanese. For less." Kimono Ken has certainly stayed true to their core by serving unique Japanese delicacies that are pocket-friendly to their distinguished customers. This being said is not surprising since Kimono Ken's first branch opened at Blue Wave Macapagal of November 2003. It continues to attract customers who simply want more of their delicious and mouth-watering Japanese creations.

Contrary to popular belief that success has its secret, Kimono Ken follows no recipe to success at all nor it does hold secrets to its triumph in the Japanese food business. In all eight branches in the city, Kimono Ken stays rooted to their philosophy of people's passion to creating excellent service straight from the kitchen goodness.

Such passion is refined through proper guidance and growth which Kimono Ken takes to the heart - not only by the restaurant but by its people as well. From the owners, to the managers down to the service staff, this Japanese restaurant creates an aesthetic environment fit for personal and social growth.

One sentence that basically sums up the company culture of Kimono Ken is: "Kimono Ken may not always have the best people but it is a company that makes its people better." The restaurant sees to it that a professional management team ensures the guidance of each employee. Accountability, quality and value are reiterated of important value in all aspects of Kimono Ken's service and operation.

Kimono Ken's commitment to growth is certainly not limited within the company. For the years to come Kimono Ken hopes to play an active role in the community by becoming socially responsible business-oriented individuals by embarking in equally socially responsible programs.

Born out of commitment and passion, Kimono Ken continues to be defined by modernization, genuineness and ingenuity. These will continue to become the restaurant's backbone in its expansion and growth in the next couple of years. With its intensifying accomplishment, Kimono Ken promises that the value and quality of their food and service will never be compromised.